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Terms of Service

The following are the terms and conditions for use of the eShirt Genie service including without limitation design, reproduction and shipment, as well as, other services which may be offered from time to time by 99dogs under your account member name (each feature individually and collectively referred to as the "Service"). Please read them carefully. This Service is provided to individuals who are at least 18 years old or minors who have parental permission to open and maintain an account.


The Service is offered to you conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein.

In order for 99dogs to quickly, efficiently and professionally serve our customers needs as well as to insure that all customer correspondence is properly documented, please submit *all* inquiries to us via email. Inquiries will be confirmed to you within minutes and responded to within 24 hours or less as long as your order number or the word "99dogs.com" is placed in the subject line of your email, and it is sent to customerservice@99dogs.com ONLY. Please *do not* send email to any other 99dogs.com email address(unless requested to) since it will be discarded as SPAM.

(A)  The Customer guarantees, warrants, and certifies that it does not infringe upon or unlawfully, wrongfully, or improperly use any trademark, trade name, service mark, or copyright owned or claimed by another. The Customer further guarantees, warrants, and certifies that to its knowledge, no action, suit, proceeding, or investigation has been instituted or threatened relating to any trademark, trade name service mark, copyright formerly or currently used by the Customer in connection with the services rendered by the Company. The Customer shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Company from and against any and all liabilities, costs or expenses which the Company might incur arising from or relating to the Customer's infringement upon, or unlawful, wrongful, or improper use of a trademark, trade name, service mark, or copyright owned or claimed by another.

(B)  Furthermore, the Company shall not be liable for any injury or damage to any person or property whatsoever by reason of, or in any manner growing out of, the Customer's infringement upon, unlawful, wrongful, or improper use of a trademark, trade name, service mark, copyright, owned or claimed by another.

(C)  99dogs.com reserves the right to decide in its sole discretion whether to reproduce images presented to it in connection with its business as well as the sole discretion to deny the customer the ability to utilize 99dogs website for the sale of their goods.

(D)  Customer certifies that he is over the legal age 18 and has the ability to enter into any and all transactions on 99dogs website.

(E)  Due to the customized nature of all products sold on our website, cancellations will not be honored once an order has entered production. All orders are to be fully paid for at the time of production.

(F)  Based on the advice of 99dogs production team, alterations to certain aspects of your custom product order such as the merchandise brand, size, color, print process used, print size, print color etc., may be required due to limitations caused by available product, available production materials, production equipment capabilities,as well as limitations caused by the quality or type of your submitted design. In this instance you agree that 99dogs will send an approval request via the email address which you submitted when placing your order. If you do not agree with the requested change you retain the right to reject the requested production change by replying to it within 10 days of it being sent to you. 99dogs may re-request that you accept a production alteration one additional time if an alternative method to produce your merchandise is available. If you reject this 2nd request your order will be cancelled and you will be fully refunded via your initial method of payment.

(G)  Each design is hand created for digital application on each shirt. Prior to production beginning, each order will be reviewed for potentially complicated art work which may be required. This normally occurs when 6 or more different art files are being applied to a single side of a product. When this occurs, 99dogs must pay its artists for additional time spent to create your personalized product. Therefore 99dogs is required to make an additional charge of $8.00 per side (minimum) of your product which has 6 or more art files being applied to it in order to offset our cost for increased artist time. We will email this request to you for your approval.

(H)  You agree that if you fail to reply via email to 99dogs initial request to alter the production of your custom merchandise, 99dogs will send a second courtesy request. 99dogs will provide you with a maximum of 10 days to reply to each of these requests which you agree will be sufficient time to reply. You further agree that if you fail to reply to the these two requests that 99dogs will proceed with the production of your custom merchandise as our production team proposed in its two email requests. You agree that if for any reason you do not reply to 99dogs email requests such as problems with your ISP, accidental erasing of the email request, the changing of your email address, etc you will be reponsible. You further agree that this product purchase will be non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


(1) 99dogs holds no imprinted or embroidered inventory and we do not re-stock product. We produce each and every customer order on a personalized basis which allows us to customize the product as well as to offer literally millions of design choices. For this reason 99dogs is unable to accept returns or exchanges of product due to a customers desire to the change the size, style, color, art or design of the product that they ordered.

99dogs responsibility is to duplicate, to the best of our ability, art and designs which are submitted even though the art may be low resolution or may be defective in some way. 99dogs will imprint or embroider art exactly as it is received from the customer and, due to the high cost of an artists time, does not accept written requests to alter the art/design which is submitted with the order. 99dogs is not responsible for and does not accept returns or exchanges due to the arts "look" or "feel". Further, the "look" or "feel" of the arts application to the product is not grounds for the return of the product as long as the design is fully applied to the product. Product may not be returned if it has been washed or worn.

(2) CARE

99dogs is not responsible for fading or other damage which are caused during improper washing or care. The proper care instructions are not the original "blank" shirt label instructions. they are the instructions which are sent as part of the invoice with each order invoice. They are also clearly posted at www.99dogs.com.


Our product is sized exactly to industry standards. 99dogs provides detailed sizing charts in various places throughout our web site and is not responsible for incorrect size ordering.


99dogs does not provide cash refunds for product which has been shown to be defective. 99dogs strict policy is to repair or to re-do all truly defective product and to re-ship it back to the customer at 99dogs expense.


99dogs will provide a Return Authorization number and return address once a valid claim regarding defective product is submitted to customerservice@99dogs.com. This claim must be submitted within 5 business days of the products receipt by the customer and must be received by 99dogs within 30 days of the products receipt by the customer. When requesting a Return Authorization number, the following information is required: Detailed reason for return?, Has product been washed or worn?, Is the product potentially wearable/usable or a complete loss to you?. The email must contain the customers order number in the subject line.

99dogs customer service team will reply within 48 hours with either further questions or with an Return Authorization number and a return shipping address. All returns must be clearly marked with this number.

Once the product is returned to 99dogs via standard, tracked USPS mail(99dogs is not responsible for lost returns that are not tracked), 99dogs Quality Control team will inspect the product to determine if it is defective or not. "Defective" is defined as a material manufacturers flaw in the product itself or a material error in the imprinting or embroidering of the product. Slight variations in color, design, product size, design size or product "look" are not considered defects. A 15% re-stocking fee and return shipping charges will be charged for merchandise returned that is deemed either not damaged or if the damage is determined not to be the fault of 99dogs.


Due to the unique nature of all custom made orders (any designs, images, logos, characters or special merchandise which is used) they cannot be cancelled once production has begun(48 hours after placing order). Rush order cannot be cancelled after 24 hours.

(J)  ORDER PRODUCTION (12 items or less)


The production period for custom imprinted product is 5 business days or less. The production period for custom embroidered product is 10 business days or less. An orders containing both embroidered product and imprinted product will be treated as an embroidered order. On the rare occasion that a product style, color or size is on back order, production time may be extended by a maximum of 5 business days. Orders produced within this reasonable, stated period are not returnable or refundable since customized product is not re-stockable. Once production is completed your order will be shipped immediately.

(K)  ORDER SHIPPING (12 items or less)

GROUND SHIPPING within the continental United States takes 3 to 7 business days.

OVERNIGHT SHIPPING within the continental Unted States takes one business day.

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING takes 7 business days(CANADA) to three weeks(EUROPE). Shipping delays may be incurred due to increased security processing with international customs.

99dogs utilizes well known, outside national & international shipping carriers. All shipping times are within the control of the outside carrier and therefore are not guaranteed by 99dogs. We do not currently offer overnight shipping on a worldwide basis. Shipping is available to all countries, worldwide (except those restricted by trade embargo). 99dogs.com is not responsible for any VAT, Duty Charges or Brokerage Fees at time of delivery. Please check with your local laws and regulations as we are unable to advise you on these.


A SHIPPING CREDIT is a product credit which may be applied towards the shipping portion of any FUTURE product purchase during the 6 months which follows its issuance. This credit may only be utilized for one future purchase and cannot be applied towards the product portion of your future order.


To track your order simply email customerservice@99dogs.com with your inquiry and our shipping department will respond in less than 24 hours via email with your order status. You must include your order number in the subject line of your email inquiry.

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